Archives for October 2016

Steven B. Levine

1steven-levineAward of Merit for 3 Dimensional Art

Media: Wood

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Crafting practical, functional products that are perceived as art is my self-imposed challenge. I am on a continuous hunt for interesting exotic species of wood or unusual variations of more common ones. To my mind, “flaws” of nature are points of interest. After I collect a natural piece of wood, I live with it sometimes for years until its potential becomes apparent. Its character controls its destiny by determining the finished product. In the end, I attempt to make art transcend the craft.
In recent years I have developed a line of wood boxes that resemble realistic books, but open in various unexpected and surprising ways. It is entertaining for me to watch craft show visitors play with each book and try to uncover its secret. This human response is my reward as well as my motivation for experimenting with new ideas every chance I get.

Nicario Jimenez

1nicario-jimenezAward of Merit for 3 Dimensional Art

Media: 3-D Mixed Media

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I am a third generation retablo maker.

Marie-Helene Grabman

1marie-helene-grabmanAward of Merit for 2 Dimensional Art

Media: 2-D Mixed Media

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My scissor cuttings are inspired from the old Swiss-German tradition of “Scherenschnitte” (scissor cutting) that I learned from my grandmother. In my work, I incorporate American themes in my designs.

Barbara Umbel

1barbara-umbel-2Award of Merit 3 Dimensional Art

Media: Jewelry

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Inspiration is found at home, on the beach – the shells we find are the origins of our designs. We aim to capture the feeling of movement of mythical sea creatures, whether they be swimming, plunging, or floating in the water.

John Dorish

1john-dorishAward of Merit for 2 dimensional Art

Media: Printmaking and Painting

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I am constantly inspired by the city and have found New York a constant source of subject matter for the past 38 years. Buildings, bridges, parks and people all play a part in my inspiration, It is the energy around me, I think, that compels me to work.

Wendy Newman

1wendy-newmanAward  of Distinction for 3 Dimensional Art

Media: Jewelry

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My prismacolor series is inspired my mid century modern graphics, and artists such as Max,Calder and Miro

Pamela Patrick-White

pamela-patrick-white1Award of Distinction 2 Dimensional Art

Media: Painting

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My focus on American History is based on my interest in the writings of participants in the Revolutionary War and lives of Colonial men and women. Preserving these stories through art was a natural progression from an earlier career as a book illustrator but much more rewarding personally.

Carlton Abbott

1abbottAward of Distinction for 2 Dimensional Art

Medium: 2-D Mixed Media

My inspiration has always been and continues to be looking to future and for new ways to express the details of the world.


Vonnie Whitworth

vonnie-whitworthAward of Distinction 2 Dimensional Art

Media: Painting

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I have been working on a series of paintings of my “collections,” pieces I have accumulated over many years. It is the realization that the next generation is not interested in having this passed on to them. I wanted paint the objects in “disarray” rather than a formal setup as if they were being discarded, paying tribute to their beauty and history!

Emily Christoff-Flowers

Awardemily-christoff-flowers1 of Distinction for 2-dimensional Media

Media: Drawing and Pastels

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I started formal music lessons at the age of 8 and sang, played trumpet and piano until my mid 20s when I felt that I had to give up music in order to focus my studies on visual arts. My newest series is about my personal interpretation of this music. I listen to musicians and composers who have had the most impact on my life while creating pieces where the viewer can feel what I feel when listening to their songs. Combining the figure immersed with a decorative pattern represents my spirit becoming submerged in the phenomenon of music. I also believe that the mingling of photo-realism with decorative elements of pop art brings the viewer into a deeper state of consciousness. I no longer perform as a musician but my paintings reflect my life time love of song.