Steven B. Levine

1steven-levineAward of Merit for 3 Dimensional Art

Media: Wood

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Crafting practical, functional products that are perceived as art is my self-imposed challenge. I am on a continuous hunt for interesting exotic species of wood or unusual variations of more common ones. To my mind, “flaws” of nature are points of interest. After I collect a natural piece of wood, I live with it sometimes for years until its potential becomes apparent. Its character controls its destiny by determining the finished product. In the end, I attempt to make art transcend the craft.
In recent years I have developed a line of wood boxes that resemble realistic books, but open in various unexpected and surprising ways. It is entertaining for me to watch craft show visitors play with each book and try to uncover its secret. This human response is my reward as well as my motivation for experimenting with new ideas every chance I get.