Application for 2020 will open January 12th, 2020!

Visual Artists: How to Apply

An Occasion for the Arts
October 3 & 4, 2020
Williamsburg, Virginia

Apply online as of January 12, 2020, go to:  AOFTA Application 
Application Deadline: April 12, 2020

All 2D and 3D artists must apply online through All images for judging must be uploaded into your ZAPP profile. No slides, CDs of images, or other envelopes, packages or boxes will be reviewed.

We encourage artists to prepare images to meet ZAPP requirements prior to uploading them to your ZAPP profile. Visit this link to the ZAPP Help Center to learn about Image Preparation.

Each application must include five (5) images: four (4) of artwork and one (1) of booth display.

The application fee is thirty-five dollars ($35), and is non-refundable. Please pay with a credit card via ZAPPlication®. Payment must be received by the application deadline of April 18th. Submit one application per category.

For more than 50 years, on the 1st weekend of October, An Occasion For The Arts has brought fabulous art to historic downtown Williamsburg, VA.  Williamsburg is the home of the College of William & Mary with an affluent alumni base residing in the area. It is also a top tourism and retirement destination. It has been our ambition is to be the best show possible for those exhibiting with us, and our commitment is to balance the show so it showcases artists’ work as unique and provides the potential for sales. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards and work diligently to foster a positive environment for artists and patrons.

  • Friday set-up and Sunday tear-down drive adjacent to booth arranged so each artist has two outside walls
  • Reserved artist-only parking (includes RV & oversize vehicles)
  • Booth sitters, free bottled water and lunch delivery
  • 24 hour security using local police
  • Full color printed program delivered to 18,500 households
  • Awards Reception Saturday Eve; $5,000 in awards; winners jury-exempt the next year.

Performing Artists: How to Apply

Please contact Julie Martin [email protected]  to apply.

Thank you for your interest. Should you have questions, please feel free to correspond with me . Consider joining us this year!

Contact Info: Visual Arts

Leo Charette
Executive Director
An Occasion for the Arts

(p) 757-565-7585
(e) [email protected]