Lillian Forziat
Garden City, NY
Booth: 247
My father's passion was gardening. Spring through Fall our garden was continuously blooming with roses, camellias, peonies, azaleas, rhododendrons and the like. I was deeply impressed by this gentle beauty. To this day the sight and sweet scent of a rose makes my heart sing. When I started to paint, it seemed only natural that I would gravitate to my first inspiration - flowers. It is gratifying to gather some flowers from my own garden, arrange them, and then set about painting their likeness. Each flower is like a portrait, a unique tiny face, a miracle in Nature. Over the years my muse has expanded to include all of Nature, seascapes, landscapes, seashells, and folks in serene settings. I try to capture the beauty that I see around me onto my canvasses in the hope of uplifting my viewers in the course of their daily lives.