Kirouac, Tanya

Tanya Kirouac
Mchenry, IL
Abstract landscapes emerge from lingering memories. Impressions of places real or imagined. The piece "disappearing" emerged from an exploration of color. When I paint with hot wax, layering on the bright, dark and light pigmented medium over and over, I am often unsure of what the final result will be. Intuitively I decide when to begin removing the medium that I have just applied and the venture into discovery begins. Slowly moving over the surface, I carefully excavate a small amount at a time. The challenge is not always knowing what I will find on the journey through the layers. Often removing most of the wax that I have applied and then reapplying it again. The process creates a curious texture. Each piece revealing only some of its secrets hiding beneath the surface.
1st time at AOFTA
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