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Similar to a gift card, buy a "Purchase Award" now & leave this year's festival with pieces you love!

Purchase Awards

Join the rich history of AOFTA, buy a "Purchase Award" today.

The “Purchase Award” is essentially a "pre-pay" for folks that would like to support AOFTA and purchase art at the festival. 

The more “Purchase Awards” sold, the more artists know that they will have a successful weekend.

We’ve had 1000s of folks, over 50 years, who have helped AOFTA become the success that it is today and we need your help.

How does it work?

Buy a “Purchase Award” in any denomination of $50, $100 or higher now through September 30, 2019.
  • On the left side of this page:
    a. select a denomination - option 1-5
    b. click "Add to Cart"
    c. follow the Paypal process to check out
  • You’ll receive your “Purchase Award” certificate in the mail.
  • Bring your “Purchase Award” to AOFTA on October 5 or 6, 2019 and select the unique art that speaks to you.
  • The artist will proudly hang your “Purchase Award” certificate, in their tent, throughout the show.
  • Take your art home!
If the price of the art is less than the “Purchase Award”
amount then that dollar amount will be donated to AOFTA.

If the art is more than the “Purchase Award” amount
then you pay the artist the difference.

The artist receives the full amount of the “Purchase Award” amount at the end of the show.