Welcome to Virtual AOFTA '20!

Because we believe so strongly in the value of art, the talent of our artists, and in the Williamsburg community itself, and because we just can't imagine an October without An Occasion for the Arts, we're taking the Occasion experience VIRTUAL for 2020!

Kickoff Weekend

October 3rd & 4th

It's all kicking off on our traditional first weekend of October the 3rd, with an exciting live streaming event featuring some of your favorite local musicians, artist studio tours, workshops with Steve Prince of the Muscarelle Museum of Art and much more!

And it's not just live performances!
Over 90 artists are participating, and you'll have opportunities to chat with them over Zoom calls, browse their artwork, even get a peek into their studios! All have online shops and are ready to assist with your purchases.

It was a momentous decision to move forward with a virtual show this year but with support from the City of Williamsburg, the Williamsburg Area Arts Commission, and our Board of Directors, we knew we could make it happen.

The Board of Directors of An Occasion for the Arts thanks our sponsors, our partners, and our community for the support that allows us to bring forth this show under incredibly challenging circumstances.

Virtual An Occasion for the ArtsEnter to win a limited edition collectible AOFTA poster!

Don’t miss your chance to win this beautiful 50th anniversary poster by Carlton Abbott and keep in touch with the arts in Williamsburg!