An Occasion for the Arts Sustainability Initiative

In 2022, An Occasion for the Arts partnered with William & Mary’s Department of Sustainability to develop and implement green initiatives.

As part of the Sustainability Ambassador Program, we have begun to research, draft, and shape sustainability goals and a plan of action.

To AOFTA, sustainability means reducing our negative impact on the environment and supporting our community.

While our mandate has always been to support the area by bringing art and entertainment to Williamsburg, we are also committed to minimizing how we and our partners contribute to climate change.


2023: Year One

In the first year of the AOFTA Sustainability Initiative, we are:

Working with our staff, artists, and vendors to reduce waste and embrace sustainable materials and practices

Encouraging patrons to help us limit waste by using reusable shopping bags, refillable water bottles, and by recycling at the event, whenever possible

Encouraging patrons to help us reduce our carbon footprint by making use of bicycle and public transportation, whenever possible

Gathering data about our event, practices, and partners as we seek to improve and innovate

Special thanks to Maddie W. for her work with us!


Sustainability Initiative Resources & Information

Getting to and from Williamsburg

There are a number of affordable, convenient, and fun ways to travel to Williamsburg, without using a car. Consider making use of the many public transportation options or planning a bike trip!

Photo by Stephen Mease

Train and Bus Options

Amtrak trains arrive in Williamsburg three times a day. A number of trains will accommodate up to 12 bicycles.[1] Multiple bus companies also operate trips to Williamsburg. Trains and buses arrive at Williamsburg Transportation Center, a safe, easy, and pleasant five minute walk to An Occasion for the Arts.[2]

Use one of the many free services available online to find departure locations, prices, schedules and to plan a trip that works for you.

We've included links to three such services below.[*]



Though not a solution for everyone, cycling enthusiasts may consider planning a trip along The Virginia Capital Trail, a 52 mile bike trail from downtown Richmond to Jamestown. A "dedicated, paved pedestrian and bike trail... along the scenic Route 5’ll find historic sites, places to eat, picnic spots and lodging options. It’s family friendly, no matter what your skill level." [3]

Learn More about The Virginia Capital Trail


Making your way around Williamsburg

Bus Options in Williamsburg

For up to date bus transportation timetables and station locations, you can consult the Williamsburg Area Transit Authority (WATA) website or make use of their suggested trip planners below.

WATA endorses and suggests , Google Maps, and Swiftly Live Map for trip planning.[*]


Cycling Options in Williamsburg

There are a number of bike paths in Williamsburg and the majority of streets surrounding the historic area (and An Occasion for the Arts) have 25 MPH speed limits and are generally bike friendly. "In 2017, the City was designated as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists."[5]

Depending where you choose to stay during the event, biking may be the most efficient and fun way to get around town (and to AOFTA).

Consider taking advantage of one of our 2022 Hotel Packages, offering discount and bonus accommodation, generally within biking distance of the event.


Reducing Waste & Impact

Bring a reusable bag to carry personal items and purchases

Decline bags, packaging, and other unnecessary materials from artists and food vendors

Choose vegetable based menu items from vendors

Stay hydrated by bringing a refillable bottle for water

Patron's can refill water bottles at Baskin Robbin's and illy Caffè

Want to learn more? Read about choices and impact (U.N.)[*]



Recycling bins at An Occasion for the Arts are provided and managed by Colonial Williamsburg's Merchants Square. "Colonial Williamsburg encourages recycling in the Historic Area... by providing well-marked recycling receptacles."[6]

There are a handful of recycling bins throughout Merchants Square.[*]

Read more about Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's environmental initiatives.


Stay Tuned

During the first year of the AOFTA Sustainability Initiative we are working to become a greener event by gathering information, making basic changes and a commitment.

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[*] AOFTA does not endorse specific sources or services and has provided links as examples and for convenience and general information.